• ABI and TBI Assessment

• TcPO2

• Pulse Volume Recording (PVR)

• Upper and Lower Extremity Arterial Duplex

• Carotid Duplex

• Aortic, Mesenteric, and Renal Duplex

• Hepatic/TIPS Duplex

• Upper and Lower Extremity Venous Duplex

• Venous Reflux Assessment

• Vein Mapping



• Abdominal and RUQ Ultrasound

• Renal and Bladder Ultrasound

• Pelvic Ultrasound

• Testicular Ultrasound

• Thyroid Ultrasound


New England Endovascular provides minimally invasive ultrasound procedures
for patients throughout Western, MA and Northern, CT. 
To schedule an appointment please contact our office at 413-693-2852.